Founded with the goal to make the complex media and marketing industry simple again, we introduce Reaction Media Company.

An all purpose Digital Strategy partner to your business, we do not take the task of growing your business lightly.



We strive to provide top notch customer care and a simple and seamless process through our services, including:

Small Business Development, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Website Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Cinematography.

Based out of Portland Oregon and founded in 2016, Reaction Media Company has set out to turn the media industry upside down.


We partner with some of the most creative minds from around the Pacific Northwest to bring you and/or your company the hard work that matches yours, along with unparalleled customer service.

With our motto, "Media done simple" we make a promise to really mean it;

we want to do business based on what you want and need and then put it in terms that you understand...Period.


Achieving your goals and taking the stress off you, is our goal. We are a small business too, we get it.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

- Michael Sasse



We look forward to hearing about all of your Website Design and Social Media Marketing plans you want to implement in your business!

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Thank you!